Cold Water Bath And Stress Relief


Cold Water Bath And Stress Relief

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If you’re like most people, a cold water bath most likely does not sound enticing.  I will admit it doesn’t usually sound like something that I want to do either.  However, it is very beneficial, and it can help you invoke powerful healing in your body.

When I once traveled regularly and came across the Russian and Turkish Baths or the Korean Spas, I always made it a point to visit them.  Hydrotherapy can be some of the best things you can do to relieve stress and rebalance the mind and body.  One of the things in these spas I love is the cold water bath.

The way I used these as a healing ice bath is that I first had to prepare myself to do this mentally.  If you’re not accustomed to walking into the freezing water, your brain will convince you this is not a right thing to do.  The fears will convince you that you are nuts and there are a million other things you could be doing.  However, you need to prepare yourself mentally to take on this challenge.

When I would get to these spas, I would soak in the hot tubs for several minutes enjoying the nice relaxing hot water.  Once I had cooked sufficiently as I would joke, then I would make my way to the cold water bath.  At first, you don’t want to spend too much time in these because it can be incredibly overwhelming.  The fear will intensify quickly.  So, a quick dip into it and then get out is more than enough the first few times.  You need to build up your tolerance to it and tame the fears that will arise.

Once I walk into and out of the cold water, I make my way immediately back to the hot water tubs.  It is my way of rewarding myself for taking the adventure into fear.  In a way, it helps trick my mind to go into the cold water.  However, the other reason is that going between the hot and the cold gives you more healing power to it.  The difference between the water temperatures is where the healing and stress reduction happens.

When I go, I’ll do this process about three times depending on the day and how much I want to do.  Usually, if I don’t hurry this process with the cold water bath, by the time I get to the third round, I want to find a place to rest.  It is important not to rush this process.  Take it slow and allow your mind and body to get the full effect out of this time.  There is no race or contest in what you are doing.

Most likely you will see just like I have found that this practice relieves stress from the body.  I’ve worked in some stressful situations and used the cold water baths to help rebalance myself.  When I do this late at night, I sleep like a peaceful baby throughout the night.

I know it may sound frightening to do this, but if you can get yourself past the fear, the benefits will be worth it.  Recognizing that fear is prevalent, is essential.  It helps you to prepare your mind for it and knowing that it is a quick dip in and out, helps empower you.  So, if you live near a spa that has something like this, make use of it.  If you’re traveling, take time out and enjoy the spa.

We hold so much stress in our body.  The cold water bath helps dissipate it.  You can experiment and have fun with it, but don’t overdo it.  Do a little bit and then stop to rest.  There is no need to hurry the process.  If you have health conditions that may be impacted by the sudden temperature change between the hot and cold you probably will want to check with your doctor to make sure this is safe.  I dislike having to put that disclaimer, but it is necessary.  There is no way I want anyone doing this that that will risk their health.

I know some athletes use a cold water bath after a competition or workout to help recover.  In fact, I saw Tom Daley, the UK Olympic Diver, doing this on a YouTube video.

Where I live, I’m not close to a spa like this, but I wish I were.  I miss these places since I don’t travel like I once did.

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