What has been the most helpful thing in your childhood sexual abuse recovery?


What has been the most helpful thing in your childhood sexual abuse recovery?

Please comment at the end of this blog post with links to further information, your books, websites, or blogs. Let's make this a resource for childhood sexual abuse recovery.

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I asked a question on Twitter the other day about what has been the most helpful thing in your recovery from childhood sexual abuse. I was overwhelmed with gratitude at the responses.

Many stopped to share what had helped them in childhood sexual abuse recovery, and that warms my heart.

One of the things that I see in child abuse survivors is that they go out of their way to help others on this journey. We know what it is like to deal with the impact of childhood sexual abuse recovery.

For me, I’ve always tried to be there for others through my writing, blogs, books, music, and in everyday life. Sometimes I feel like I don’t do enough and sometimes I’m overwhelmed by all the pain inflicted in this world.

I’d like to share some of the responses that I received from these wonderful people on Twitter.  I’ve linked to their user IDs so please give them some love and support back.  The responses they gave were excellent and so helpful.

I did try to group some of these responses together, but most of them stretched across many different things that helped childhood sexual abuse recovery.

If anyone listed here would like to remain anonymous, please let me know. I felt since it was on Twitter, a public place, it was okay to include it here. However, I am also aware that this might be too much. If it is, just let me know and I’ll quickly change it.

If anyone reading this has more to add, please comment at the end of this blog post. Any links to further information, your books, websites, or blogs is appreciated. Let’s make this a resource for childhood sexual abuse recovery.

Shame In Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

  • @Alycelauren2 – When I realized that I was not the one to feel shame. Both have past and God will judge them.
  • @radiant_path – Realizing I had nothing to be ashamed of because I wasn’t the cause of the abuse. I hid it for many years myself. Only those of us that have experienced it are truly able to understand all the subtleties it includes. Shame is a primary result but it affects our ability or inability to form healthy relationships at a core level. That’s what’s most heartbreaking.
  • @karen_mcafoos – Being able to talk about it without shame about 30 years. I think the one thing that saved my life was my mom. I had been brutally raped and couldn’t keep it in and I told my mom and she believed me without question that night my dad was out of the house. Now 30 years later I’m not ashamed and counsel anyone with needs

Therapy In Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

  • @SharifaWriter – From a religious perspective, my belief that God is aware of everything and that there will be Justice. Otherwise, therapy and writing were very helpful.
  • @AbuseMadresa – For me it was physical abuse from madresa, etc. My personal therapist, my group therapist and those in my group, going through a transformative journey during my psychotherapy program and finally my poor father and brother who gave my space to express myself. God bless them.
  • @LeAreaFrenchman – Therapy.
  • @BarefootInBZE – Finding a therapist who helped me recognize my destructive behaviors & helping me realize I didn’t need to punish myself. She also helped me understand that my sexuality was mine- I could own it, experience it & enjoy it without guilt or shame.

Group Therapy In Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

  • @FindingMyVoice2 – Speaking to @RapeCrisisEandW, my fellow tweeters and writing my blog.
  • @Jeffers67 – Finding that others had some of the same triggers. What I thought was so abnormal was normal after all.
  • @JetgirlmaryM – Snap meetings.
  • @Lighting_It_Up – Many things helped me like educating myself by reading books & finding my voice but what really made a huge difference was group therapy, connecting with other survivors was crucial to my healing journey.
  • @uksurvivorjohn – Finding @SurvivorsUK They gave me counselling for 2 1/2 years. This was after being failed by GP, School Psychologist, College Counselor, Church, Psychiatrist and NHS…among others. They gave me the safe space I needed and believed me.
  • @gottogetoutof – I went to the Gatehouse.org ( @Gatehouse_The ). I am never looking backwards only forwards I have been there for 8 years.

Writing In Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

  • @Holly79280657 – Writing things down showing my GP.
  • @RadicallyMeLife – Writing a book about it!
  • @girlygirlsguide – Journaling, blogging, writing books, and sharing my true story publicly has helped me to not only move forward to heal, but to empower myself by breaking the silence.
  • @HildurArnar1 – I think writing has been the most helpful. I’ve done a lot of writing since I started the healing process and before it even. I have journals up on journals that are filled with scary subjects and thoughts … even have some before my disclosure …but I still don’t share most things with my therapist but write it down. I cant put a lot of the things I went through into words except on paper and I have never spoken about them. There are parts of my journey that I will never talk about and just cant but I’m getting better at writing even the hardest things down.
  • @BeyondYourPast – Two things immediately come to mind – finding the survivor community has been huge and being able to write about my experiences has helped greatly. Being able to share and get these thoughts out of my “emotional mind”, has been key.

Gratitude In Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

  • @VennieKocsis – Gratitude all the way; that I survived horror and yet I stand here as proof that the human spirit can never be completely broken.

Forgiveness In Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

  • @mom1bear – Forgiveness.
  • @LaughDrumBeWell – That the wounds, all of them…to body, mind or spirit, are actual balls of energy which keep me bound, keep my spirit from flying. Radical self-love, forgiveness of self & others (if one feels better with this in the healing recipe, & complete acceptance are the keys to freedom!

Survivor Not Victim In Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

  • @BpdBryan – Calling myself a survivor and not a victim. I’m stronger than my abuser.
  • @DIS_SOS – Danny Silk’s teachings on relationships, communication and boundaries plus trauma-sensitive yoga plus someone who sat with me and listened, for years. The teachings helped me to break free from a victim mindset and chronic helplessness. It made such a huge difference in my relationships. and those healthy relationships end up being medicine for the soul.

Telling My Family In Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

  • @Hanny_Lynch – Telling my family about my incest experience was the best thing I’ve done for my healing process. Although the result was, they all turned their back on me. Writing my book followed and helped me as well.

Pets In Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

  • @WesthaverEmily – My dog. After court was over (and my childhood abuser/rapist was acquitted) raising a puppy gave me joy and positivity and unconditional love.

Being Heard In Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

  • @dotdotti11 – Saying #metoo and being heard.
  • @shzzzbt – Being able to talk about it with family who had no clue. Being believed and supported was very healing, which helped with shame.
  • @livingwithabuse – Telling my parents, its how I needed to heal.

No More Pretending In Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

  • @Luciek11K – Realizing that regarding difficulties with relationships and intimacy, I didn’t have to keep pretending to be comfortable when I’m not…I can live in the way that makes me feel safest and that’s okay.

Creativity In Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

Blame In Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

  • @IAmTheCrew – Realizing it was pointless to blame myself for that which was out of my control.

Inner Child Work In Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

  • @sacredsoapbox – The process of becoming a Shaman and Inner child work. I had to clean up all my unconscious behaviors that was the result. Still in the process but have zero heat around the abuse. #my2cents

Sports In Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

Trust In Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

  • @William14606149 – I guess you never really recover from it you just have to accept that its not made you dirty or less of a person. And trusting people again is hard. I still at 24 don’t like people touching me or enter my personal space. Traumatic experiences will always stay with you.

It’s Not Your Fault In Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

  • @SandraMuscle – Realizing a friend is in the same boat & as tears run down her face, I tell her “look at me” and looking her straight in her eyes telling her “it’s not your fault”, I don’t have all the answers, but I’m here. You just took a huge step in healing.

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