Changing Thought Patterns


Changing Thought Patterns

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You can change your life by changing thought patterns!

Sometimes we get caught up in life and waiting for the other shoe to drop. We like to think, for example, that bad things come in threes. Two bad things happen, and we wait patiently for the third to drop. What are we doing here?

If you think about intention and attention in terms of manifesting things in your life, you’re attracting the third bad thing given your focus at this point.

Oops. Don’t be hard on yourself. We all do it.

What if after the first bad thing happened you used your intention and attention to change the vibration of what’s happening. Yeah, it sounds like I’m talking about fairyland, but I’m not. Let me think of a hypothetical example. There’s good in every situation, and sometimes we have to look a little bit deeper.

Let’s say for example you are going somewhere and you blow a tire.

Limiting ways to think about it:

  • “Oh balderdash! I blew a tire. What’s this going to cost me?”
  • “Man, can I even get a tow truck out here? Probably not. I’m probably going to have to wait all day.”
  • “I probably don’t even have cell phone reception. Argggh!”

Now Turn It Around:

  • “Thank goodness we are all okay, and so are the other motorists. I’ve got off the road safely.”
  • “I’m sure that someone will help us quickly. I’ll call for help.”
  • “I’m glad I got to that body shop. I didn’t even know that bookstore was nearby. They had something I’ve been looking for since last year!”
  • What are the differences?

Change Your Thought Patterns

In the first set of thoughts, we start with thoughts of resistance. Oh no. My tire is flat, and it’s going to cost me a lot of money to fix. Let’s think about this for a second. If you are the creator of your life experience, what are you putting out there? If you deconstruct it to its bare bones, you’re really saying, “I’m going to be out a lot of money. I’m going to have to wait all day and be miserable if I can even get myself out of this situation.” What does the Universe say? Okay, here you go!

When you look at the second set of thoughts, you start with gratitude! Ah! See the difference? Thank goodness we are okay and so is everyone else. That’s high vibrational. Someone will help us quickly. You hear me, Universe? I have faith that someone will arrive quickly and I am surrendering to the Universe to put that person in my path quickly. We end with gratitude again. Yeah, you might’ve lost a couple of hours or missed an appointment while your tire was repaired, but it gave you time to see a place you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Cool, right?

It’s a pretty basic example of how your thoughts shape your world. Wayne Dyer said that some people live in a hostile world and some people live in a friendly world. Where’s the irony? It’s the exact same world, and it’s our perspective that makes it the way we see it.

Whoa. Am I right?

Negative Thought Patterns

So how do I get out of negative thought patterns and get better at manifestation and using the universe as my ally?

TRUST. That’s the key here, my friends. Trust that the Universe supports you and given that you are made of the same stuff as the universe, you are a part of it. The Universe, Source, God, whatever you want to call it, is you and you are it. Source energy only understands our well-being. When we convey lack, it does not compute. When you send out thoughts of well-being supported by faith, awesome miracles happen.

If you catch yourself in a negative thought, don’t feel bad about it. It is what it is, and we all do it. The ego plays a huge part in limiting us and our belief potential. If you catch the thought, then that’s a victory. If you think to yourself “Hey, I’m in a negative thought pattern right now, how can I turn it around?” Celebrate this!

Here’s another example and it’s a big one.

You lose your job (here’s how the thoughts go)

  1. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. What am I going to do? The world is ending. I’m going to lose my house. I’m going to lose my car. What am I going to do!? AAAH!
  2. Take a deep breath. I’m stuck in a negative thought pattern here.
  3. Okay, despite how scary this seems, it’s an opportunity for something better. I didn’t really like that job anyway. It wasn’t something I was passionate about in my life. Look at all the options I have in front of me right now. I can go anyway I want!
  4. I’m starting to make a list of the things I’m passionate about and the things I want to do, and then I’m going to start looking for jobs that match these values and criteria. I understand that the reason I lost this job is because it’s not the right place for me at this time. I know I’m going to land on my feet here and everything’s going to be okay. The sun will rise in the morning, and everything will still be here. I don’t have to conquer this in one day, and I can focus on one day at a time.

Changing The Negative To A Positive

It’s a simple example, but do you see how we can take this from an extreme negative to a positive just by changing our thought patterns? Awesome. I’m not saying that you have to bury the emotions or not feel them or pretend that what’s happening isn’t happening, we need to see these types of things in a different light. Trusting and relying on the Universe as an ally is a door to a world of power, high vibration and infinite possibilities!

Keep your vibration high and let your light shine brightly! See you next time!

Take care of yourself until we meet again. Keep your energy up and your vibration high!

– Amanda (A Happy Medium)

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