My Painful Cellular Memory


My Painful Cellular Memory

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If you don’t think our cellular memories are strong, let me share a story from yesterday.

I was going through my old journal in preparation for writing my next book. Most of it is not specific instances or stories, but observing the process.

As I was reading these things, I noticed that my shoulder and arm began to hurt with intensity. My arm went almost numb and my shoulder into my neck began to hurt.

Cellular Memory Recalled So Much More

My cellular memory had recalled so much more than I was aware of when I started to feel the body pain.

So, not putting everything together, I went in and rested. The pain and numbness eased a little, but it took time for it to fade into the background.

Of course, last night my sleep wasn’t that restful. My mind was going a mile a minute, processing things that I could not even begin to verbalize into a coherent thought.


My cellular memory read the words I wrote and immediately took me back to the moment when I wrote the journal entry. The term for it is somatization.

Now, I can’t tell you what all that was about, and most of it is hard to explain. Putting it into words is nearly impossible, but my body knows the connection.

While I’m trying to let it process through and observe what is going on while letting go and releasing it, the impact is strong. Our bodies remember far more than I think our minds can process. Cellular memory is very powerful and does not easily forget.

Cellular Memory In The Mind Body

So often in the area of the mind body connection, we focus on the “mind” part because truly feeling in the body is not easy. If we do feel in the body, fear often shuts us down.

The more we can feel, the more we can heal, but it means walking through the fears that arise. The fear may be unconscious, but most of the time it is there pulling the strings.

When we can acknowledge all of this and truly feel the physical part of the body, it is then that the awareness allows us new choices and a chance to let go of another piece of life’s experiences. When we acknowledge cellular memory and somatization, we have the ability to release it.

These moments can help us heal more and become more than we are. It all depends upon how we see them and how we allow ourselves to confront or ignore them.