Can We Have Mental Health Peace?


Can We Have Mental Health Peace?

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We all seem to desire peace in our life.  In my mind right now, I’m asking the question, “Can we have mental health peace?”  It may seem like a mix of words that don’t make sense, but I believe it is a valid question.

Many of us have experienced horrendous atrocities, and in those moments, we had anything but peace.  Our life was full of pain, despair, anxiety, depression, and fear.  Mental health peace is often nothing but a dream.

As we continue in life, many times we suppress what we experience because anything else is just too much to take.  No human has the ability to absorb all the horrors that are done.  Experiencing these moments is beyond comprehension and normalcy.

If we are not able to deal with those moments, mental health peace is a thousand miles away.  It is more than we think is possible because at that moment it is not possible.  The despair, anxiety, and depression often overwhelm us and leave no room for mental health peace.

When I was paralyzed and lying in a hospital bed, barely able to talk, I remember thinking to myself, “is this all I can look forward to in my life?”  Mental health peace was as far away from me as it could be.  I had no idea how to find it or reach it or even understand that it was there.

It took a daily desire of courage and determination to find my way through what I was up against.  Even that was difficult to see at that moment because the odds were stacked against me.  Doctors didn’t know if I would come back to a normal life or not.  I didn’t believe I would.

However, I got tired of where I was and that helped motivate me to keep searching for something better.  I wanted that mental health peace, even though I had no idea how to obtain it.  There was no internet at the time or social media to use in helping to find my way.

I had to go deep within and find what sustained me through all the years of horrors I experienced.  My focus had to be on finding things that resonated internally with me from a mind and body approach.  I looked for the ways that made a difference, that didn’t just last only at that moment.  The things that helped sustain me and move me forward were the ones I gravitated toward.

The more I focused on what helped me make lasting change, the more a new world of awareness opened up.  None of it was easy and finding mental health peace was a constant struggle.

The more I pursued what helped, the more I found peace in my life.  I’m not saying that my life is 100% peaceful and I’m not sure anyone can make that claim.  Finding true peace 100% of the time is difficult.  Even nature needs the winds of a storm to maintain balance.

If you’re not in the moment of finding deep peace, don’t give up.  Do not think it is impossible.  It does exist, for I’ve felt it and experienced it.  Be careful in listening to those that have not found it, proclaiming it is nowhere to be found.  It may only lead you deeper into the fog of life, rather than to the clearing of possibility.


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