Can Everyone Be So Right And Yet So Wrong?


Can Everyone Be So Right And Yet So Wrong?

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Can everyone be so right and yet so wrong at the same time? If I look at what is happening in the world around me, I’m horrified at what I see. In our world, the ego is winning and the heart is getting hammered.

Usually this was something I saw happen in other places throughout the world, places that weren’t as sophisticated by our standards. The places that didn’t know better or were impoverished or war-torn, I could understand, but these things just didn’t happen here that much.

I’m sure they did, but for most of us, we never saw them. They weren’t in our field of vision, so as we hid our heads in the sand, everything appeared fine. Unfortunately, it is when the collective society starts pulling their heads out of the sand that they see a different world.

Going back to my original statement, can everyone be so right and yet so wrong at the same time?

Everyone Speaking From The Ego

It seems that everyone is speaking from their ego and claiming just how right they are. They are the enlightened ones. They are the ones that love others.

“It is everyone else that is the problem. It is everyone else that needs to change.

Don’t you dare shine the light of truth on me. I’ll put you straight in a minute because, didn’t you see what that person did?” That’s how we act. We act as if we are right, even if we are wrong.

Maybe it isn’t always about who is right or wrong. Perhaps we need to listen and speak from our hearts, not our egos. Surely, there is more to this world than focusing on all the faults we see in others. Sure our judgment isn’t all that matters.

I’m perplexed these days because all I see is anger and hate, survival mode, and numbing. No one is living life. Humanity is ready to kill one another. How dare we even listen to those that disagree. We think we have to let them know just how wrong they are. That’s the attitude these days.

Reframing “Can Everyone Be So Right And Yet So Wrong?”

Instead of me asking can everyone be so right and yet so wrong, what if we reframed it? What if we looked at others as having input and worth, no matter what they believed and felt?

Now, I’m not saying to condone actions that are reprehensible and degrading to humanity. What I am saying is that you give the other person the benefit of being heard. Let them know you value them and listen with your heart. Maybe screaming in their face about how awful you judge or think them to be isn’t going to solve anything, regardless of where you stand on any issue.

Sometimes we don’t need to be screamed at and told how bad we are. More often than not, we need extra love, hugs, and understanding. Maybe more compassion from the heart is in order, not less.

Working Against Each Other

I know we are going through some challenging and tough times, but as a human race, if we work against each other, how will we succeed? Will it matter when the human population is wiped off the face of the earth? Will us being right be all that matters in our last breath? I doubt it.

So why do we hate others and treat them like pieces of crap when we despise what they do to others? When we are no better than them, what gives us the right to superiority? How can everyone be so right and yet so wrong?

I think if everyone opened their eyes and took a long hard look at their contribution to what is happening, it might change things. Unfortunately, right now, we’re more interested in being right than wrong. We’re more interested in proving to the world how right we are and how wrong everyone else is.

The Less Human We Will Become

The more we keep this up, the less human we will become, and the less human others will be. If we don’t start connecting to our hearts rather than our egos, this world will cease to exist as we hope it will.

Yes, the challenges have put us all into a time of extreme stress, which in turn has numbed our innermost self from being recognized. As a result, this human population is living in survival mode. When a person is in survival mode, nothing else matters. Love, compassion, empathy, creativity, helpfulness, and listening are all dinosaurs that are becoming extinct.

We can sit there and claim that we are right and everyone else is wrong, but we’re hurting each other when we do. We’re killing each other with our own numbing and egos when we can choose to become more aware and live from our hearts full of love.

One final time I will ask, Can everyone be so right and yet so wrong?

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash