Book Quotes I Love

Book Quotes I Love

If you landed on this page, you might have found it from a tweet I shared on Twitter or a posting on Facebook.  I pulled some of the best from both of my books and sharing them on this page.  The book quotes range in all different aspects and areas but all come from the words in my book.  Hopefully, in everything listed here, you’ll find something that gets your attention.  More than likely there may be something that just stands out at the right moment.

These are indeed my favorite Book Quotes from what I’ve written and I hope you will enjoy them as well.  Plus, this gives you a chance to see a little more what is in the book.  Don’t forget to check them out either.  Book number three is on its way to being finalized.

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Abuse Book Quotes

  • Boundaries are very important to our healing.
  • Break the silence of abuse.
  • I am a survivor of child sexual abuse.
  • You can run from it or learn from it.


Breathing Quotes

  • How often do you stop and focus on your breathing?
  • Invigorate your day by taking a moment to breathe.
  • Take this moment and check in with your breathing.


Comfort Book Quotes

  • I know Angels are watching over me.
  • Knowing we’re not walking alone gives us strength.
  • May we connect with a smile in our heart.
  • Music lifts us up from the doldrums of life.
  • What if I just feel and connect with the love in my heart?


Consciousness Book Quotes

  • Be aware of the limitations we place upon ourselves.
  • Choose the path you want to take and move in that direction.
  • For now, I can truly see.
  • I saw more than I realized as I walked forward on my journey.
  • If we listen with our hearts, then we will truly hear.
  • It is up to each one of us to go forward in our lives.
  • To grow and evolve is to be human.
  • We choose to be unconscious or conscious.
  • We have so much more than we realize.
  • The Prayer Of Self-Acceptance.


Conversion Disorder Book Quotes

  • At one point, I could not answer, what is your name?
  • I could not walk, stand, or even talk in a normal manner.
  • It was not just my feet now that would no longer hold me up.


Difficult Moments Book Quotes

  • I had no idea if I could fully recover from where I was at.
  • I’m taking back my life.
  • In difficult times, I found that’s when I blossomed.
  • In the middle of change, we may not notice it taking place.
  • Keep things in perspective when life is difficult.
  • Sometimes we need the clouds in life.
  • The most obvious can end up being the most difficult.
  • The rain may come but our days will once again be bright.
  • You can make it through what you are facing.
  • You can’t keep me down.


Fear Book Quotes

  • Fear builds the wall in our healing. Let us knock it down!
  • Fear can make us believe we have a giant to conquer.
  • Fear gets in the way of true reality.
  • The Interview With Fear.
  • Fear often holds us back from letting go and surrendering.
  • The strength to fight the fears.


Healing Book Quotes

  • All I need to do is put one foot in front of the other.
  • But together the pain disappears.
  • Healing can be compared to climbing a mountain.
  • Each teardrop carries a mighty message.
  • Healing is a process, not an endpoint.
  • Healing is like putting a puzzle together.
  • I can seek the help that I know I need.
  • In healing, we sometimes wonder, can I make it?
  • In the middle of healing, we may not notice it taking place.
  • My body just wants to be whole.
  • The more I heal, the more empowered I feel.
  • To heal, I took one small step at a time.
  • With open arms, let us embrace something new in our healing.


Hope Book Quotes

  • I will conquer one day.
  • Know that this too shall pass.
  • Oh little child, I can see the hope.
  • The Hope Of Possibility.
  • The Hope To See It Through.


Letting Go Book Quotes

  • Allow things to happen in the way they need to take place.
  • Allowing things to change helps us heal and grow.
  • How do I let it go?  Just ask the question.
  • Ask the question, why do I want to hold on to this situation?
  • Ask yourself, what it is that you get from this situation?
  • Do we change or hunker down?
  • Have a garage sale in your life to let go of things no longer needed.
  • May we have the courage to embrace it, not run from it.
  • Release it and let it go!
  • Take care of the things you can and let go of that which you can’t.
  • The question becomes, are you ready to let go?
  • Throw the garbage of your life out the window!


Living In The Moment Book Quotes

  • Cats live in the moment.
  • I’m thankful today for my life.
  • Take a moment and step outside and listen to nature.
  • The greatest moment we have in our life is right now.
  • The past has already left, and the future has not arrived.


Mind Body Book Quotes

  • Balance is very important to our mind and body.
  • Get regular massages. Your body will thank you.
  • Honor your mind and body, and it will take you far.
  • People often disconnect from their body.
  • What if you take this moment and connect with your heart?
  • Your body knows what you need. Listen to it.


Mindfulness Book Quotes

  • Are you mindfully present?
  • Be mindful, and your life will show it.
  • Creativity loves mindfulness.
  • Let us be mindful of our body and our mind.
  • We all create our realities in a day.


Possibility Book Quotes

  • How do we go from impossible to possible?
  • If you only see closed doors, look for a window.
  • Look back to remind yourself of how far you have traveled.
  • Most find a way to make it through what they’ve experienced.
  • The courage to face the impossible.
  • The window is my world.
  • The window is not my cage.
  • We can fly to great heights.
  • What if today, I see possibility in my life?
  • What new worlds will be seen?


Relaxation Book Quotes

  • Find moments to pause in your day.
  • Give yourself the rest and relaxation you deserve.
  • It is okay to pause and rest awhile, but keep moving forward.
  • It is too easy to get caught up in our day and not stop to rest.
  • Relax!


Self-Awareness Book Quotes

  • Ask the question and listen for the answer.
  • Ask the question.
  • Do we ponder and confront what we think is real?
  • Each day we get to write in the storybook of our life.
  • Go deeper than you have gone so far!
  • Life is a series of events, choices, reactions, and growth.
  • May we cherish, honor, and love all that we are.
  • Music touches our souls and enlightens our minds.
  • Once you start looking for all that is beautiful, you will find it.
  • Sometimes I’m too critical of my creativity.
  • We are meant to grow and evolve as humans.
  • We are what we have not dealt with in our lives.
  • The answers I need are right inside of me.
  • We can rationalize illusion, but in the end, it is an illusion.
  • What I make of my life now is up to me!
  • What if I released my concerns today and just let them go?
  • When we listen, what do we find?
  • What moves you to action?
  • Without mistakes, we would not be all that we are in life.


Support Book Quotes

  • As survivors, sometimes it is scary to take a step.
  • Be an encouragement in the world by saying something nice.
  • I am sometimes the lonely one.
  • Our voices together ring loud.
  • I am sometimes the silent one.
  • Saying something nice could mean the world to someone.
  • We are tiny little voices waiting to be heard.
  • You’re a warm and caring soul.


Trauma Book Quotes

  • At some point, trauma memories will get our attention.
  • Goodbye rage. Goodbye!
  • In our lives, our brains become wired by our experiences.
  • It is my life. It was never yours to take.
  • Show Me Your Face.
  • Trauma changes our biology
  • There were many moments in my life that I blocked out.
  • Trauma is stored as energy looking for a way to exit the body.





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