Body Movement Activates Trauma Healing


Body Movement Activates Trauma Healing

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It dawned on me, finally. I was in a Unified Therapy healing session, and my body was moving in ways that sometimes felt strange. Body movement helps to activate trauma healing when it is connecting the mind and body.

I guess if you’ve never seen this healing work of Unified Therapy, it could appear somewhat strange. However, that day I noticed something for the first time in all the years I’ve been doing this.

The movement showed up in my body, as it wanted to move in ways that it could not stop when the trauma was taking place. It seems so logical and straightforward, but it took me a long time to comprehend and understand this.

Think about it for a moment,  While you are being abused or tortured or restrained, your body has to acquiesce to what is happening, especially when you are a small child. You don’t have the strength to overpower those that are torturing and abusing you. There isn’t much you can do but take it and hope for it to end. It was the only thing I could do as a small child. I just had to hope the event finished soon so that it would stop.

Consider all the muscles that are restrained and held down when the abuse is happening. Consider all that your body is doing and trying to comprehend. You can’t move. You can’t fight what is happening. It is just what it is.  Body movement is essential in helping overcome trauma and abuse.

As I went into this healing session, I began to observe just how my body was moving. It was like it was moving and twisting and vibrating in ways that one could easily connect to the events going on a long time ago. All the energy of those moments during the abuse and torture was finally able to free itself and become alive. The force that I could not fight as a kid was now being allowed to emerge.

I mean, think about this if you will. What I discovered on the table that day was profound to me. It is very emotional to me. What I am stating isn’t mere words on a page or thought I am writing. It is a deep visceral connection to repeated events where I was helpless.

However, I don’t want to focus on the horror, but the mechanism within the body that if activated correctly, will allow you to go in and free these things from your body. The stored body movement and energy badly wants to free itself.  If we keep that locked within us then over time it will take away our power. We will succumb to the exhaustion of our bodies trying to fight those that tortured and abused us.

While this work may sound horrible and too intense, if done correctly, it will be healing, not overwhelming.  It requires a heartfelt connection between the mind and body through the felt sense to be effective. If it overwhelms you and you find that all you are doing is experiencing the emotions and terror without release, then you’ve missed the point of the therapy. The therapy is about going to the edge of where you can go coming back to a safe place within your body. While it may get intense, it should not overwhelm you.

Whether you have been abused or tortured or just witnessed some event taking place, we all store the energy of these moments in our bodies. Stored as trapped energy, it never found a way out. The trapped energy is like turning the heat up in a pressure cooker. At some point, the pressure will get to be too much, and it will explode. The same holds true for our bodies, but the explosion becomes chronic health issues or anxiety, depression, despair or far worse.

There is a way to unlock this part of your life, and it isn’t as difficult as one may think. Trauma, torture, abuse, and experiences don’t just happen in our minds and memories. They happen to our body. They occur within the body. If we don’t deal with it from feeling it in our body, we are allowing these moments in life to have dominion over us. It doesn’t have to be that way for us. We can choose to take our power back.

To find our way back to freedom, learning how to activate healing through body movement is essential.


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