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In this day and age, it is far too easy to go through our lives and not be fully connected. Awareness helps connect us, but only if we are mindful of what is happening in our life. Many times we are on autopilot, not even recognizing that we are.

Our mind and bodies are over-saturated these days between electronic devices, the news, social media and the issue of the day. We hardly have time to keep up with everything happening around us, and so mindfulness is nothing but a dream. Awareness is far off at this point.

Awareness only works when we consciously choose to allow it into our life. If we keep running from it and keep overindulging in all the noise of the day, it will hide from us. It takes work to become aware and all too often, we do everything to avoid it and numb to it, disconnecting the fullness of our lives.

While we may think we are mindful and full of awareness, it is human not to be this way. In fact, we need to work towards this, not just get comfortable that it automatically happens. For evidence, all we have to do is take a look at how people respond to social media or the latest headline of the day.

There is much more to life and the mind body connection of awareness than to be on autopilot. It does not get us that far, but for some reason as humans, we keep trying to numb and disconnect our lives. If only we could unplug and take time out in a day to see the much bigger picture of how we fit in with humanity, we would be so much more.

Becoming mindfulness involves awareness. It shows us that there is so much more around us that we do not see. It provides a more abundant and more fulfilling life filled with purpose and joy. Without it, we face mundane moments hoping that at some point, things get better.

Awareness is an eye-opening moment of a truth connected to a greater part of our life. It is the point where the light bulb turns on and shows us something different than we have seen. It involves a higher side of consciousness rather than the ego who only demands attention, not conscious thought.

The more we practice awareness in our life, the more we will see that which we cannot at this moment. Together with mindfulness, it opens up a vast new world of possibility, truth, and growth. We evolve because of being aware and mindful.



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