Avoiding Negative People And Avoiding Stress


Avoiding Negative People And Avoiding Stress

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Oh, my heart aches when I see this tweeted time and time again.  Avoiding negative people and avoiding stress seems to be the ticket to pure bliss in one’s life.  Maybe that’s a little over the top, but at least the online tweets suggest this to be true.

Everyone wants to believe they can just wish negative people and stress away.  It is like waving the magic wand and all is okay.  Unfortunately, there are some flaws in this line of thinking.  Yes, I realize I’m outside of the mainstream on this, but again my heart aches for people who push this line of thought.  I do not say these things as a mental exercise.  These are things I’ve learned personally from deep within my own awareness and consciousness.

Avoiding Negative People

Who are the negative people?  How do you determine this designation?  Are they the people that irritate your or make you uncomfortable?  Are they the ones that disagree with you?  Maybe it is the people who are in deep pain and just need someone to listen.  Is it the person who talks politics all day long as if nothing else matters but they are so consumed by it?

The point I’m trying to make is what may be negative to one person, is not negative to someone else.  I would venture a guess that people who don’t think, act, or talk like you do are ones you most likely consider negative.  Regardless of how you come to this conclusion, it is pure judgment when you see the world in this way.  No, I’m not saying you have to spend 100% of your time with them or be best friends.  However, they are most likely in your life for a reason.  If you use judgment to keep them away, you may very likely be missing out on something important you need to learn.

Avoiding Stress

Avoiding stress is another area that we like to do as humans.  We’ve gotten so good at convincing ourselves that by acting as if stress is a bad thing and is not good for you, it does not exist.  In fact, we have gotten so good at it, that we fail to see it does.  Please take it from someone who pushed it down for years and nearly lost my life.  I describe some of what I went through in my book.

Instead of avoiding stress, because it is everywhere, try to find ways to deal with it and let go of it.  If you’re keeping yourself busy every second of the day, you’re not dealing with it.  If you are so immersed in the toxicity of what is going on in the news than you’re not dealing with it.  We love to hide from it attempting to convince ourselves and others that it doesn’t exist.  Unfortunately, that folly will lead you into a realm of health problems with great difficulty.  Yes, you can act like stress does not exist, but sooner or later stress will catch up with you and get your attention.

It Might Make For Good Memes

Avoiding negative people and avoiding stress makes for great bumpers stickers and memes online.  Unfortunately, it is so far off the mark.  It takes you into numbing and avoidance, not awareness and consciousness.  It is good at tricking your mind, body, and especially your ego that you’ve got things under control when in reality you are propped up by a shaky foundation.

The best thing too is that when you learn to go in and stop avoiding negative people or avoiding stress, you’ll gain so much more.  There is so much potential energy that is waiting to be unleashed in these actions.  Avoiding and numbing will not unleash it.  Awareness and consciousness is the key to open the door to this potential energy.