Avoiding Healing Takes Us Nowhere


Avoiding Healing Takes Us Nowhere

Feel Pain To Overcome It
Avoidance In Healing
Seeing The Possibility Of Healing

In one of my healing sessions of Unified Therapy, I noticed something that was an ah-ha moment.  It was eye-opening to me.  So many times we are avoiding healing.  There are parts that we just don’t want to go in and touch.  Those are the parts that are awful and horrifying and ugly.  We wish to escape the bad elements in healing and focus on the good ones.

Unfortunately, real healing doesn’t work this way.  If you just look at the clouds in the sky, you’ll never see the ground.  If you look at the rainbows and ignore the rain, you won’t realize that it is needed to see the rainbow.  Healing is like this because we need to go into the bad parts to heal them.  Avoiding healing to escape the rough spots just won’t take us very far.

It Isn’t Easy

I know it isn’t easy.  Going in for a healing session, my body tries to run away and get up off the table.  It wants to avoid the painful things at all costs.  It cringes every time it knows that there are issues to work through because they aren’t pleasant.

The mind is cunning and crafty because it knows how to trick us into thinking that these bad parts are bigger than they are.  It makes them look like a giant to our eyes, when in fact they are nothing more than the same size as we are.  The ego loves to trick us into believing that we can’t go into these bad parts.  The ego tries to trick us into thinking that we can just look at the clouds in the sky to heal.  Avoiding healing is the way to fool ourselves into thinking the opposite is true.

Become The Observer

However, if you become the observer in these moments of healing and observe the process, you’ll quickly see that you have the strength, the power, and courage to go into these rough areas of healing.  As a result, you’ll see that they aren’t as bad as you thought and if you can hold on to this for a moment, you will pass through them.  When you move through them, there will be peace unlike any other that is known.  It becomes a deep moment of peace where you find and reconnect with yourself.

Go ahead – be the observer and see how far you can allow yourself to go and feel what it is that you need to feel in your body.

Remember – you are the only one holding yourself back from healing those bad parts of your life.

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