Avoid Opinions Disguised As Facts


Avoid Opinions Disguised As Facts

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Many times I see opinions on social media, and I so badly want to say, “you are wrong thinking these are facts.” These days, in our human discourse, our opinions have risen to the point of being proclaimed as facts.

Years ago, I would comment on every news article posted online. I thought I had to set the record straight. Everyone was missing the facts. They were missing the point! They were wrong, and I needed to put my two cents in so they would see the error of their ways.

The surprising thing that I finally figured out was what I was saying was my opinion and beliefs. Sure, for me, it was all factual. Unfortunately, I didn’t see it the way it was. Most don’t realize how they respond shows their beliefs and opinions.

The Darkness Of Opinion

I started to figure out that my replies sucked me into a dark world of hatred, disrespect, and spewing nonsense that did absolutely no one any good. It just added to the chaos. There was nothing that came out of it that changed anyone’s mind. These online social comments aren’t about changing minds. They are portraying our ego as if it was the almighty king and superior life force in this world.

A friend of mine posted something the other day that I loved and felt was profound. “If what you are saying isn’t helping the world heal and advance, then why are you saying it?” Yes, I’m paraphrasing a little because I can’t recall the quote specifically.

My friend is right. If we’re not helping the world to heal, then what are we doing? This planet is harsh enough without humans adding to its misery. Maybe we think we are entirely right, and we might be, but the way in which you deliver your ultimate wisdom matters. It matters greatly. When all you have is communication with a fellow human being, what you say means the world to them.

Doing What We Preach Against

These days, I stay out of the online fights, screaming, and opinions. Whether someone is a religious person screaming love while demeaning the ones they disagree with, or they are some new age person spewing memes, I see them doing that which they preach against.

My dad used to say, “don’t do as I do, do as I say.” It is the same attitude I see on display these days. Preach love and acceptance, but in your rhetoric do just the opposite of that. If you looked at your social media feed with open eyes, you might see that what you are doing is not helping. It is most likely hurting.

It isn’t just one side that does this. I see it on all sides. I see opinions spewed in the self-proclaimed holier than thou people and the ones that feel like they are the most enlightened of all humans. Each side does it differently, so whoever agrees with them aligns with them. There’s no listening. There is no respect. It is all in whoever wins and who agrees.

Respect, Listening, Compassion

It is the basics in life these days that are used as weapons against one another. Respect, listening, compassion, caring, and empathy, along with love, are only memes. These things are NOT being practiced as much as people lead themselves to believe they are.

If we as a human civilization don’t start turning this around, we’re going to all fall off the proverbial cliff. No, I don’t expect everyone else to do what they should do, and if that is your thought, you’re missing the point of what I have just written.

It matters more what you do and how you respond. Do you perpetuate that which you despise? Do you propagate disrespect because you have to get your voice heard or share another opinion in a series of a million about how bad you think the opposite side is?

Where Is The Humanity In Our Opinions?

Where is the maturity in that? Where is humanity in this behavior?

How many people have been convinced by a different idea because you are screaming at them? Does it help convince them when you are hitting them over the head? Do you change your thinking when people do that to you? I would venture a guess that this type of behavior does not work, yet we do it repeatedly. We act as if we are on autopilot, unable to control how we respond to life.

It is all up to us in how we respond to life and others. It is up to us if we listen and show respect with empathy, compassion, and love, or we make life into one big repeated meme that means little.

No one can do this for us. No leader or book or philosopher can get us to change our lives. It is up to each one of us individually to put our best forward each day and let go of that which is not helpful. The more we propagate our opinions of the day, the more we doom civilization and humanity.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash