Intriguing Author Interviews

Intriguing Author Interviews

I’m one of those who loves a good book, especially when it is covers topics similar to what I write about on Mind Body Thoughts. For this reason, I have started a new section on this website called Author Interviews.

If you have a book that you’ve written that covers a topic related to the following list, I’d be honored if you would fill out the Author Interview Form.

Does Your Book Fall Into One Of These Categories?

  • Anxiety
  • Awareness
  • BullyingNarcissism
  • Child Abuse
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Consciousness
  • Depression
  • Healing
  • Health and Wellness
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Holistic
  • Life Experiences
  • Massage
  • Mental Health
  • Mind Body Connection
  • Mindfulness and Positivity
  • Narcissism
  • Nutrition, Exercise, Fitness
  • Pain
  • Personal Growth
  • Psychic, Mediumship, Angels
  • Psychology
  • PTSD
  • Relaxation
  • Stress
  • Suicide Prevention/Assistance
  • Survivor Stories
  • Trauma
  • Yoga, Reiki, Other Healing Exercise Modalities

Suggested Questions For Author Interviews

There are several questions provided that you can write answers to. When you submit them, I’ll review them and then post to my website. I have also made sure that your social media or website links can be included.

Link To Your Book Page

When it is complete, there will be your book graphic and an author picture that will be posted. Plus, if your book is on Amazon, I will make sure I link to it through my affiliate account.

No Charge For Author Interviews

There is no charge for this. I am doing this as a free service because I just didn’t see many things online that were offering anything like it. I saw some generic one-size-fits-all approaches but I thought that diluted the purpose. After all, there are plenty of places for all kinds of books, but not for ones related to the areas of mind body, healing, health, stress, and relaxation.

Questions, Please Contact Me

Of course, if you have any questions, please contact me. This will be a work in progress and so if you see something I should add or change, feel free to suggest it. It may be something that I missed or might not completely fit in with my goal and purpose. However, I will definitely take any suggestions into account.

Completed Author Interviews

Bookmark this page and keep checking back because as the interviews come in, this will serve as the list and index. I’ll start listing every author interview here by category. Hopefully, in time, this will become a good source of books by wonderful authors.

While I realize that this isn’t an author interview where I speak directly to people, it is my way of helping to promote those that write books on these subjects. All of us independent authors can use all the help we can get. It isn’t easy for any of us to get found and most of us don’t have the big PR and marketing dollars like the big-name authors have.

Support Independent Authors

One of the things I’ll share here is that if you like an independent author, support them. Spread the word to everyone you know. Share their books and social media postings. Most of all, go to Amazon or GoodReads and leave a review. Those reviews help an independent author so much. Too many people don’t want to be bothered by taking a few moments to write a review, but it helps so much.

Don’t forget to check out my books on Amazon (Don Shetterly) too!

Submit Author Interview Questions

Author Interviews

Abuse / Male Survivor

  1. Donald D’Haene
    • Father’s Touch


  1. Laura Corbeth
    • My Courage To Tell


  1. Rick Fortier
    • The Shift Squad

Fictional – Biographical

  1. Chad Harp
    • The Power Of Fear
    • Happiness


  1. Robertson Hunter Stewart
    • Employee Power
  2. Kingsley Grant
    • The Emotelligent Leader


  1. Helen Willmot
    • Shining Light

Motivational Self-Help

  1. Dana Arcuri
    • Sacred Wanderings
    • Harvest of Hope
    • Reinventing You