Author Interview Questions

This is a free service for now, but that could change in the future. If it does change, it would be for new authors only as a promotion, not existing ones.

Here are the current categories that I’m looking for with respect to the website. I realize, there are many books that might work, but I want to keep this narrow. This way, it not only helps keep my website focused but aligns with the interests of my readers. (See the list at
Does Your Book Fall Into One Of These Categories)

Please select the question from each group (from the drop-down menu) that you would like to use, and answer it in the appropriate response box

This project is for authors who have written books related to topics on this website (health, mind body, healing, mental health, suicide, abuse, stress, relaxation, consciousness, awareness). This list may not be all the possible options, but if it your book would fit on this website, then please fill out the interview questions.

I will promote this through the website, mailing list, newsletters, and my Twitter account.

My goal is to help bring awareness to some great books written by wonderful authors.

Make sure when you write your answers that you proofread them, as this is how they will appear. Try to answer in complete sentences. A minimum of 600 words in total for the whole interview is ideal, but more is no problem. Write to your heart’s content!

There is no way to save the form once you start, so you may want to write your answers offline and then copy/paste into the appropriate section.

Once again, please PROOFREAD your answers or have someone assist you with editing. If there are too many errors or the total word count is not over 600 words, we reserve the right not to publish a submission. This is a showcase for your writing and books.

Below are the author interview questions.

This is the author interview form submitted for review and publication.
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Any Questions

Please ask if you have any questions. Once you submit the author interview, I’ll be in touch as time allows. I’ll let you know if there are any issues and when it goes live so you can share it with your friends.

I really want you to showcase your work and take some time to answer the questions. Have the answer give the impression people would find if they read your book.

I am really trying to help in this endeavor and don’t want anyone that submits answers to be rejected. Yet, I need to keep the quality of this website up and if basic minimums are not met, it will hurt this website and the others who are featured here.

I realize we’re not all perfect at grammar. Find that friend or partner that can look over your work before you submit it. I do that with much of what I post because my grammar is not always that great. I also use to help, but it has limitations.

When I post it, I’ll always tweet it out tagging you in the post. You can help by retweeting and sharing it with your friends.