Are You The Problem?


Are You The Problem?

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Are you the problem is a question none of us likes to consider.

We see everyone else as the problem, but we don’t account for our actions.

It is far easier to look around you, than within you.

Each day in this world, we are faced with the impact of the choices we make. Often we are not conscious in what we do, but it sure doesn’t stop us from being boisterous and loud and obnoxious.

When we look at the question, “Are you the problem?”, no one wants to answer that they are. We don’t want to take responsibility for what we do and the role we play in life.

Yes, I understand that this is human nature, but right now we are failing humanity. I have written about this subject so much and yet I feel like it is never enough.

People will get upset about someone being toxic or obnoxious, but they lap the stuff up almost as much as motorists gawking at an accident as they drive by the scene. Even though people abhor what a person is doing or saying, they need more of it. They feed off of it.

Even though people abhor what a person is doing or saying they feed off of it

Turmoil And Stress

Then, they wonder why their life has so much turmoil and stress. They cannot see that by consuming the toxic and obnoxious behavior, they are enabling that person to continue their unhealthy practices.

With social media these days, it becomes sharing and liking and retweeting what a person has said. It becomes a media event full of frenzy. Each person that participates is part of the situation.

So, let me ask once again, are you the problem?

You may still say, no I’m not. I need to do this because we can’t let the situation get out of control. We have to engage and watch it. While there may be truth to that, does it really help the situation? Could we agree that it adds more stress than peace?

What if, instead, everyone that despised the toxic or obnoxious behavior absolutely ignored the person or places doing it? Do you think they would still grandstand to no audience? My guess is that without fuel being added to their fire, it would die out and stop.

Are You The Problem?

I see this world spiraling downhill day after day, and no one seems to understand their role in these events. We’ve gotten so bad that people attack with the same behavior that they despise. No one even notices this anymore. It has become a way of life.

Are You The Problem

If you get in the mud pit with everyone, will you not be anything but another person covered with mud? No one will be able to tell you apart from another individual.

It is not easy taking the high road when people call you names and throw toxic poison at you. It is not easy when they make your blood boil at the injustices happening before your eyes.

Do Not Feed The Behavior

We lack a good way of bringing about the change to stop the toxic and obnoxious behavior, but we sure don’t help by doing that which does not help. Sometimes, one has to turn it off and not feed on the behavior as if it is their last meal.

Some days I am at a loss of words. I endured torture and trauma growing up and there was no way to escape what was happening. Today, we are faced with this same scenario and I never thought I’d have to witness the triggers of past abuse all over again.

All I know to be true for me is that I don’t want someone to say, “Are you the problem?” I look for ways to be conscious and loving and compassionate. I try to find ways to write things that hopefully help move us forward as a planet, not backward.

Be Loving Conscious and compassionate

If we engage with rhetoric and action that makes the world more hurtful and full of stress, I believe we are no better than what offends us. You can no longer answer “no” to the question, “Are you the problem?”

This, of course, is how I see humanity right now. While I see many people doing many great things, there is a dark plague running across the earth from end to end. If we as a human civilization don’t figure out how to live on this planet together, we will doom ourselves out of existence.

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