Are We Honest With Our Self?


Are We Honest With Our Self?

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It is easy walking through life thinking we’ve got things under control.  However, are we honest with our self?  Do we know ourselves as much as we proclaim we do?

There are so many unconscious behaviors and actions that we do that we miss.  I suppose if they are unconscious, how would we notice them.  Therein lie the difficulty and the challenge for us.

As humans, we experience painful things in our life, and those help shape for better or worse what we are and who we are.  They color the lenses that we see through and distort reality in our view.

Many times throughout a day we approach life through our experiences, triggers, emotions, and beliefs.  We do it through a process that is so common; we barely know it exists.  Confronted with it, we often get defensive and protective.

Emotional moments of anger and trigger and euphoria may not be what exists.  In fact, others around us may see us acting in a way that is beyond our comprehension or consciousness at that moment.  It is normal to us while often it is anything but ordinary to those around us.

Are We Honest With Our Self?

Have you ever heard people say, “he was such a nice guy” just after something switched in them and they did some horrible, unspeakable act?  Was it that this nice guy was fooling everyone?  Maybe he was.  Was it that something pushed him over the edge?  I think the argument could be made to support either of those things.

However, let’s look one step further into this.  If we act unconsciously in these emotional or triggered states, then we may very likely be acting beyond our norm, but we will not know it.  It doesn’t have to be someone committing some horrible act of violence either.

Every day people lose their cool and tempers.  They fly off in a rage.  They react with disdain at what someone else does even though they are so triggered by their baggage that they cannot see it.  We all go into those unconscious moments where we are not ourselves.  If you don’t, then I would question if you are human or not.


  • So, are we honest with ourselves?

  • Do we honestly know ourselves?


My opinion is that we do not.

What matters is not how unconscious you find yourself, but that you learn to become aware when you are unconscious.  What matters most is how you connect with yourself internally, and no I’m not referring only to be mentally aware.  It is a complete mind and body awareness.

Are We Honest With Our Self?

We reach these moments of becoming aware by going in and cleaning out the baggage in life.  It is not a one-time event or a single period of time in our life.  It is a continual peeling back of the layers of our life.

For the more you peel off, the more you can see.  You don’t see that though unless you allow yourself to go into those places which are not easy.  You can’t see them unless you learn to connect to them from an internal awareness of conscious endeavor.

Being human and living in a human body is about growth and working towards a higher awareness than we had yesterday.  It is not just a philosophy or a thought process.  It is much more than that, and if we allow ourselves to travel into these moments, we will find it.

I’ll leave you with the question one more time.  Are we honest with our self?

Challenge yourself to answer that question.  Don’t accept the first “yes” that you give it.  For if you give it a yes, you’ll already be limiting your awareness and consciousness.