Annoying Spam And Scam


Annoying Spam And Scam

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These days, as a civilization on this planet, we are truly letting other people down. Scams and spam have become such a way of life that I doubt many even notice it these days.

I mean, come on – is it only me that notices this happening? Surely, it is not!

Unfortunately, if more people notice all the spam and scams, then they must be on board with the practice. I sure don’t see them changing their role in it.

I do realize that many are unconscious and unaware of what they are doing. They go through the motions, but not much else happens. Call that harsh if you wish, but it is the truth. Every day it is evident to me and is so widespread that it makes me shake my head in disbelief. Each day I keep thinking that I have seen it all, and the next day, I’m blindsided once again.

So while my title about spam and scams is meant to be catchy, I’m quite serious in this blog post about how I see these behaviors draining humanity.

Before you think it is everyone else that does this, stop right there! It is 99.9999% of the population that does this. Very few people are immune to it and don’t practice the unconscious behaviors.

Social Media Spam And Scam

Each day I see the spam and scams show up in email or on social media. If these things were not shared, the world would still continue. There’d be no upheaval because the scam and spam didn’t appear. Yet, people continue to do this.

Spam and scams are so prevalent on social media that it has just become the norm. No one sees it or recognizes it, but almost all participate in it.

I stopped most social media because it was doing little good in my day. To like or share or retweet something does very little. We are all conditioned to think it does, but once again, if you don’t do that, life goes on.

Some will say that it shows support, and it helps someone struggling through a rough moment. While I wouldn’t necessarily disagree that this benefit exists, it is shortlived and not as powerful as people having real-life-in-person connections. Yes, I know people will disagree with me and say their social media connections are real, but something is missing in them. The connection isn’t with a person. It is with a pixel on a screen. What you see and perceive from what the person portrays to you is the connection. To me, that is not real. It can easily be a scam or spam.

Authentic Connections

I think (from my own belief and experience) that the real-life in-person connections are more helpful. Yes, they can be more difficult, especially in our day and age, where social media is the norm. There is something about face-to-face contact where we see the realness behind the words as expressed through body language. As babies, we learned to read body language long before we learned what the words meant. Social media rips that experience from us, and I don’t believe it makes humanity better.

When you don’t have the whole experience in a connection, you’re setting yourself up for spam and scam situations. It happens so frequently that no one even acknowledges it anymore. There is just something to the “realness” of physically seeing a person, hearing the words, and reading the body language and energy that is missing in social media connections.

Also, there are so many things that are spam and scams in our day. We have internet marketers, content creators, social media advocates, and a whole host of other labels. Everyone might say, well, there are legit people, and I would reply, yes there are, but….

I can’t count all the times in a day where people spam me with so much stuff that doesn’t apply. There is no connection. They are just trying to make a sale. Most of these things don’t add up to 1 cent of value, even if they hype them up as if they are the next best thing to oxygen.

Online Scam and Spam Courses

Online courses are mostly a joke. Maybe there are two morsels of useful information in them, but most of it is fluff and stuff that is just so poorly organized, you can hardly find the substantial morsels within the course. I can’t get over the number of organizers that I have seen that have absolutely no idea how to teach their information, or they don’t understand what they are trying to teach. They are either throwing the “stuff” against a brick wall, hoping something will stick, or leaving out significant pieces because they genuinely don’t understand what it is they are trying to teach.

Yes, some excellent people are genuinely trying, but so many are missing the mark. It feels like nothing more than spam and scam.

For a long time, I did some computer training for a company installing retail stores. Most people doing similar training when I was learning from them missed the mark. I always tried to improve what I was doing. Each time, I would watch the people I was training, and if I noticed I was losing them, I would change my approach. There were many times that I worked with a group where some would excel more quickly than others, and you had to find a balance between the two.

In these days, people giving online training turn on a recording device and start talking. There is no outline to follow. They talk. Instead of presenting something of high value or something easy to follow, it becomes spam and scam. I find this practice very sad because I’m sure the individual has something to share, but when it is half done, it ruins everything.

Services and Products

I see the scams come through my email. There are ones that are only interested in promoting their interests or services or products. They care little for the person they are trying to reach. You are another “solicitation” in their day, and that is it. It is so easy to see through the scam and spam.

I get so many that want me to post a blog post they have written. Most of the time, it has nothing to do with the subject of my blog. Many times, it is just regurgitated stuff found all over the internet. I value what I write on my blog, and so those things don’t get past the annoyance stage.

Many want me to include links to their website, businesses, services, and products. Most of them have no added value for my blog, or they don’t come close to being anything but scams and spam. It doesn’t stop these internet marketers, as they call themselves. It doesn’t stop the content creators, as they claim that title. All it is about is promoting themselves, and you’re just an obstacle in the way.

Affiliate Marketing Scam and Spam

Let’s not forget the scam of affiliate marketing. Yes, there are some legit things, but most of it is one-sided promotions. It isn’t that affiliate marketers are trying to discover the needs of others and help them solve an issue. It is more about pushing advertising, and soliciting people to buy a product, whether they need it or not. Try and find an honest affiliate marketing blog or article or review because it is nearly impossible. The minute an affiliate marketer shares the whole truth about the product or service, that’s when they get terminated. I speak from experience. All you have to do is search online for a product, and you’ll see the glowing reviews.

There is one online marketing place that promotes consciousness and awareness. However, behind the scenes, they demand 100% loyalty, and everything you share must be 100% positive. If you don’t, they will threaten to shut you down. Also, they find ways to take the potential customer commission away from you, and the commissions they pay now aren’t what they once were. They are getting wealthy off the backs of those bringing them the customers. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones that do these things. It is more the norm than the exception.

I wonder if we can’t find a way to market ourselves online but do it in a way that lifts up everyone. I wonder if we can’t find a way to be of added value to humanity and not come through as spam and scams.

Fakeness Of Social Media

We need to shift from the fakeness of social media and society to one of respected connectedness. I am fearful that those days are gone, and I think we, as a human civilization, are missing out on something so critical to our survival.

It is a significant problem that is plaguing this entire planet. We are reducing each other to a mere solicitation and sale, rather than embracing our differences in a real physical way. Because we are pixels on a screen, we are losing what matters and what is real.

If your goal is to make a sale or put a tick mark on the number of solicitations you send out in your day, I would suggest you are spam and scam. You’re not honoring humanity or civilization.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to get to know someone and help meet their needs, then you are offering something real. The connection is a valid one that offers much to many. Yes, it is a slower buildup of something meaningful, but at least you’re just not in it for what you can get out of it. You give something back to this world. You help lift the world up to a greater place.

Spam and scam solicitations are so annoying. It just turns people off, and it truly says more about you than you may realize. Your unconsciousness does not help humanity.

Scrutinize What You Do Online

All too often, we think we’re doing what we should be doing. Instead of scrutinizing it intensely, we do what everyone else does. We sit inside the same box, whether it is helpful or it works. We don’t truly care to go that far to become more conscious because it requires effort.

I’d challenge you to indeed be a helpful entity in this world. Maybe you have a great product or service, but the way you present it and follow through with it means everything. Those that are recipients pick these things up more than you might understand.

Don’t buy into the paradigm of spam and scam. Be something that genuinely changes the lives of others in a way that makes them feel like you have added value. Don’t settle for half of a loaf because the world needs those that excel, not offer mediocrity.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash