Admit It, Are We Human?


Admit It, Are We Human?

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Are we human? I’m not so sure anymore. These days I see so many people acting as if they are the only ones that matter in this world.

I see people doing things that are risky, especially during the pandemic. Of course, they say their actions are their choice and God is protecting them, so there is nothing to worry about as far as catching it.

Maybe they are right and maybe they are wrong. I don’t know for sure, but I have my own views on this based upon some of my past experiences.

The thing is, whether we believe something to be true or not, we may be impacting others. There is a good possibility that we could be killing others with our beliefs and opinions about this crisis. Time will tell for sure, but right now the actions I see out there make me ask “are we human?”

Hurricanes And Natural Disasters

When I witness hurricanes coming, I see people turn into horrifying creatures hoarding the last bits of food or water. Years ago I had not been through a major hurricane so I didn’t realize that grocery store shelves would empty quickly. By the time I got out of work, there was nothing left to buy.

Unfortunately, that hurricane left me without power for almost two weeks. By the end of that time, I existed on little prepackaged crackers and water. Yet so many people hoarded so much food that there was not enough to go around for everyone.

If you looked at the behavior during the early months of the pandemic, it was the same thing. No one cared if others had enough. They were hoarding for themselves only, not giving a damn about someone else having anything to eat. It was pitiful and disgusting. It left me wondering once again, “are we human?”

Christmas Shopping

Another example I have seen is Christmas shopping. The behavior in the stores sometimes makes it appear that we are nothing more than animals. I do apologize to the animal kingdom because they don’t deserve that comparison.

Every year you hear about people that trample others to death or get into fights to get that last item that is on sale. While this greedy and inhuman behavior is playing out everywhere, people forget the reason for the Christmas season. They are forgetting what they are celebrating. It begs me to ask, “are we human when we behave this way?”

Abuse Of Children

I see people get all up in arms about a baby before it is born, but once it is born they seem not to care if they abuse, misuse, or treat the child as property. If you are going to be concerned about the baby before it is born, then by all means make sure you’re not a hypocrite as you give no concern to the child once that has happened.

I’m so tired of seeing God-fearing religious people abusing their children, sexually and physically and mentally. I don’t understand that, and I don’t get why we, as a civilization of human beings, allow this to take place. Yet, we do! I can sure tell you, though, that this behavior does not answer in the affirmative to the question “are we human?”

Homeless People

When I traveled extensively on one job, I saw a lot of people who were homeless. It always broke my heart. Today, I saw some YouTube videos where someone was interviewing homeless people and finding more about their stories. It was heartbreaking and what was even more disturbing was how we, as a society, treat them.

Sure, we puff our ego up, and we claim how great we are in what we do, but for the most part we ignore these people. Are we human when we do what we do to them? I can answer that with a resounding response of NO!

Latest News And Gossip Of The Day

Are we human when we spend all our waking hours on the latest news or gossip of the day? If you think that this is all that matters in life, I will challenge you to walk away from the news and social media for 30 days and see if you feel the same way. I doubt you will see it the same as you do at this moment.

We spend far too much time being consumed by gossip and the latest news. Sure, I think it is essential to stay informed, but we go way beyond that point every single day.

How We Treat Our Friends

Are we human if we treat our friends as if they don’t exist by not communicating with them or showing that we care? Too many think that if they send an emoji or “like” something on social media that this is somehow being authentic and compassionate with our friends. I find it appalling how asleep we are as a civilization.

If you really care about others, you will truly show it. Unfortunately, during these times, few people do that anymore. I can’t believe all the ones that have done this to me. It is only when I reach out to them that I hear from them. Otherwise, the silence is deafening.

Are We Human?

There is a song by the group The Killers called “Are We Human.” I love that song because it says so much. If you’re not aware of it or forgot the lyrics, you can see it on YouTube.

I could probably write so much more on this topic and give many more examples. The question comes down to how you want to contribute to this world and civilization or how you don’t. I can’t make up your mind for you. It is not up to me to convince you about the deficiencies of your life. Only you can do that!

What I can do is leave you with a question to answer.

Are we human?

Photo by h heyerlein on Unsplash

Written 9/13/2020